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Chiropractor Dr.Saurabh has licenses to practice acupuncture, naturopathy, Jiva nadi therapy, psychology, chiropractic, vaidya, yoga, teachers, trainers, and preaching.

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    Expert: Neurologist In Medical Science

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    Is a true visionary.Vedic Philosopher | Practitioner of Naturopathy And Ayurveda | Marma Therapist | Experienced Chiropractor | Iridologist | Yoga Expert QUALIFICATION:M.D.(Acupuncture) | Diploma in Myofascial Cupping therapy and Osteopathic and Chiropractic Techniques from OMT Training Institution, London. SPECIALIZATION:He specializes as a Chiropractor and Nadi Rog Visheshagya (A Practitioner of pulse-based disease diagnosis and Naturals herbal medicine). He has a keen interest in alternative medicine and has extensive knowledge of ayurvedic plants and their applications. He has spent a lot of time in Haridwar, looking for the blessings of famous saints and Vedic Acharyas. Dr. Saurabh’s passion for healthcare and holistic health led him to conduct research and distill traditional ancient Ayurvedic methods and MARMA techniques learned through his family and Guru Shishya Parampara SEMINARS & CONFERENCES:He often holds seminars on Chiropractic Adjustment, Cupping, Naturopathy, and Ayurveda in different locations around India. He also actively participates in conferences, seminars, workshops, seminars, Ayurvedic consultations, lectures, and patient examinations as well as pulse diagnostics from various healthcare organizations. Dr. Saurabh Singh is one of the best Spine and Neuro-Care doctors. He has done many treatments in the Surgery stage ( Back, Neck and Sciatica Pain, AVN, Knee Stroke ). Also, he has given successful treatments to shoulder and leg injury cases. CONTRIBUTIONS:He always focuses on children development and health services for them. For the past 12 Years, He has been actively participating in the summer camp along with his troop members (Around 15 to 50 members) and spends valuable time with our students. He teaches Stick fighting, Swimming, Self protection techniques for Boys and Girls, Yogic fitness for Students, Vedic Havan and Vedic Math. He also provides Entertainment Activities to students. He will take complete responsibility for the students and he has a good team to take care of all the students (For Each 10 students, Protection and Security for 21 days 24/7). He has a Professional Team at Mumbai where he provides Archery, Rifle Shooting, Sports and Team building activities.Every year he dedicates 30 Days of his time especially for Summer camp and Adventure camp at Manali to spend it with the children.

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